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Covid19 Panpanic

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I have no God but I can appreciate some of the allusions that appear throughout the Bible.

I haven't read it, but saw the movie.

I sometimes think that we will soon experience something like the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Global Surveillance.... after Covid, the excuse will be Pneumonia, Measles, Mallaria,

Decision to stay in TL - minimal cases..... minimal disruption to my lifestyle - miss beer and massage.

chaos in the uk. mismanagement.

Reminds me of the Brexit mindlessness that succeeded to split the dimwitted caste from reality.

This pandemic is another missed opportunity to take the people on a truth journey...

The simple truth is that most of the people on the planet will encounter the SARS-CoV-2 virus and experience the Covid 19 to some degree.

The only humanitarian solution to eradicate this pandemic is for simultaneous global shut down for 8 weeks or more. The current haphazzard shutting and reopening of countries will only result in a resurgence of the virus.

Even if there is a vaccine for this strain of the virus, it doesn't take much thought process to realise that a small mutation will negate any vaccine efficacy in the long term. So the virus returns having changed subtly - H1M1 comes to mind.

My attitude towards humanity is very negative. The human race is a cancer which requires cauturising. My extremely callous solution to end the pandemic is to fully inform the people of the concept and allow the virus to spread naturally until it infects the majority of the populace. The consequences of going this route are dire, but the end result would be the natural de-selection of the vulnerable - the aged and infirm who have minimal quality of life, the

Since the turn of the century, other respitory diseases have been in the news - SARS and MERS were deemed to be noteworthy. Less publicised is the annual Flu cull in North America. Even with a vaccination program, the North American Flu season in 2017-18 affected over 49 million people and resulted in over 80000 deaths, and the 2018 -19 season affected 43 million and killed 61000. The current tally for Covid19 - infected a mere 1.5 million people and resulted in 90000 deaths. Surely, with the prevailing American attitude of insisting to re-open the economy and maintain a cursory 'social distancing' stance, does not bode well for them. There is no vaccine, so the number of the population likely to be affected is well in excess of 45 million. It will probably end with 'herd immunity' at 80% of the population being affected..... approximately 240 million and the resultant death toll will be in excess of 1 million

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