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Museums in Thailand
Lek Vinyaphant

The millionaire Lek Viriyaphan commissioned the Sanctuary of Truth way back in 1981, and it’s still being created to this day. It’s supposed to be finished around 2025, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Lek Viriyaphan was a known patron of culture who spent a large chunk of his fortune on heritage projects (including two of Bangkok’s most picturesque attractions - see below – the Erawan Museum and the Ancient Siam Park).

Sanctuary of Truth

The idea behind the Sanctuary of Truth was to honor Buddhist and Hindu values while at the same time, preserves and support traditional Thai wood-carving techniques.

The local legend says that He decided to build the shrine in response to the growing tension of the cold war. It was his way to try and teach people to behave well, according to Buddhist teachings, so that we can achieve peace around the world.


Ancient Siam

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