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Drone Videos

Wat Khao Daeng in Sam Roi Yod National Park.
 My first attempt at doing a video using a drone... DJI Mavic Air 2.
 I will go back and do some more here as the viewpoint above is supposed to give a very  good 360 degree panorama. - when the haze clears.  And, I would like to get some shots of  the Macaques here.  They appear to be quite aggressive and scheming
More Videos
Pak Nam Pran
Black Rocks with the lone tree at Pak Nam Pran harbour entrance.  The nearby Squid Beach is very popular with kite surfers - it is the best deep water spot when the wind is perfectly North – protected from the current and waves from the left side, with wide sandy beach.
Dolphin Bay in Sam Roi Yod
Kite surfing in Pak Nam Pran
Making a video of kite surfing is so difficult for someone who isn't familiar with the sport.  I'm not making excuses.... I am actually quite pleased with these.  Both  were filmed during one session and edited and  put on this website on the same day!
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