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Honda Trip


So, after a few days, we went back to Hua Hin and, as 12th. August was Mother's Day here and

Sunatcha had a meeting on the 17th. in Bangkok, I sent her off for a week and went on my bike

up to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi.  Ostensibly to pay my respects on the 75th anniversary of

VJ on 15th August.

On the ride up there, I stayed away from all the busy roads and kept close to the Myanmar

border.  The pic below is from the Kaeng Krachan national park.... got a native to take the pic.




On the way through West Phetchaburi and West Ratchaburi and on up through

the mountains, I came across this little green thing.  God knows what it is.  Huge.

It was cold and wet in them thar hills..... and gas stations were non-existent.




I'm used to cars and the limited range of motorbikes can catch you by surprise.

my range is just over 300 Km from full to fumes.  So, it was quite a relief to

get through the mountains and find a garage in what appeared to be a 'one horse

village'. My butt was relieved too.  Nobody warns you what it's like to sit on a bike

for 3 or 4 hours at a stretch.  Needless to say, that once filled up and within the next

5 kilometres, I passed about 10 fuel stops... typical Thailand.  If a business appears

to do well, then an identical one springs up next door.  Then they look and see and

think that if there's enough business for 2, then there must be enough for 3!  Before

you know it, there's a whole raft of businesses doing exactly the same thing,

killing off each other's trade.  ho hum.


Anyway, got to Kanchanaburi town and stayed in a nice hotel overlooking the Kwai Bridge.

I did manage to find the expatriate community watering hole and had a few refreshers.

Following day was very wet, but I did manage to go over to the 'other side' of the bridge

to take the snap below.




14th August:  Checked out of the hotel and went North to Sinakharin lake.

The drive had been recommended by the biking fraternity who frequent the same

watering holes as me in Pranburi.  I did wonder a little when I saw a glint in this guy's

eyes when he mentioned there being a little bit of "off road' to the ferry.

The trip up into the mountains was awesome and the climb was relentless and it got cold.

The road twisted around the shores of the enormous lake and a few nearly caught me

out with the tight twists and turns.  But I learned a lot about the little Honda... excellent bike.

My goodness, a little 'off road' turned out to be over 10 miles of moonscape rocks and

butt pulverising bumps that I would consider to be tough for a dirt bike with an experienced rider.

Unbelievable.  I cursed that sadistic bastard for most of the teeth rattling time that I was on that track.


So, I arrived at the Si Sawat ferry to find nothing there except the 'thing' in the picture below.

It was getting late and no sign of anyone or anything.  I did consider going back the way I just

came, but the condition of the road was so bad, I couldn't face it (or bottom it).  It couldn't be any

worse on the other side of the lake.




Just across from the ferry was a flag pole.  It must have been erected by some intrepid

explorers before they perished on the shores of this forgotten outpost.


Photo deleted to reduce size



Finally, someone did turn up and waited a while for other lunatics which did not come.  I was

starting to think that I would be spending the night in the jungle on the other side of the lake.

Finally, we left and the journey over wasn't too bad and we got across just after 4pm (it gets

very dark at 6.30 pm).  Guess what..... the road on the other side was the same, but after the

dirt track, it was only slightly better roads, and guess what..... my fuel level was starting to be

an issue.

Needless to say, that I got back ok and arrived in Kanchanaburi at 7.30 after refilling the fuel

when my odometer read that I had done 330 km since the last fill.


As I had checked out of the hotel, I had nowhere to stay, but after popping to the expat watering

hole to get some ideas (and a well-deserved beer) , I managed to find an amazing place for 650

baht a night with a nice big swimming pool just outside my door just 500 metres from the pub! 


The following day was VJ day and (as I am a military veteran) I had been invited to join the Royal

British Legion expats who were going on parade the following day with a return to the pub later for

some food and drinks.


So, the return back to Hua Hin on the Sunday was uneventful, especially now that I am aware of

the fuel limitations... it's still an issue in these remote areas.  I don't know how Harley bikers do it.

The range on the peanut tank is about 100 miles..... it makes you wonder of what thought process

the designer had. Or maybe it was just his (probably her misandrist) sense of humour (correct spelling).

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