Øresund Bridge
Oresund Bridge
I've been over this so many times , driving from the UK to Sweden and back again. The bridge, opened in July 2000 at a cost of DKK30 billions,
is a combined railway and motorway bridge across the Öresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. 
The project involved building an underwater tunnel, an artificial island, an artificial peninsula, and a bridge. Starting from Denmark.
​​The underwater parts of the bridge have become covered in marine organisms and act as an artificial reef.
It was featured in one of my favourite TV series......Sorry about the overdramatic American accent
Oresund Bridge

The other route between Denmark and Sweden is to go NorthEast Denmark via Elsinore.  

The famous Kronborg castle was a huge inspiration in the making of Hamlet by Will Shakespeare.

Kronborg Castle
A nice stop off point en-route was Køge
The place has a mediaeval feel to it.
A thriving market town
Somebody, please tell me what these  things are!
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